A lil Something About compost tea

I often get asked .WOW bru your  plants, or how do you get them so healthy. Well truth is trial and error . I have looked, listened and asked many questions .  Then kinda piece it together for myself. 

I have over time come up with my own organic recipe of tea which seems to works wonders even my autos love it. 

 Over a period of 24 hours I brew my own tea  starting at the base with rooibos tea straight from the farm, add a little banana skins, some  eggshells, guano and molasses. Let it stand even in the sun. if you have an urn, brew it over a low heat for a few hours. After that I let it stand over night. following morning i add an air stone  and pump, I aerate the tea for further 12 hours . And boom done.

I have used this tea on my clones ,seedlings and adult flowering plant. have added 3 part horti mix and works absolutely wonderful.