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Welcome to U-GROW, we are all about educating and teaching the public about the awesome and fantastic medicinal properties of not only cannabis but herbs in general, a healthy natural way of  growing and living . Our dream is to start a canna collective to educate the public  and push the local market and stop the illegal sale of cannabis.  A lot of the items on this site is local brands , the smaller guy trying to make it. Our BRANDED  seeds we carry are tried and tested by accredited retailers and growers. The more we support the local market be seeds, grow bags, soils and so on. the better for our industry. LOCAL IS LEKKA !!! 

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Welcome to U-GROW. Please feel free and  browse our video archives .. https://youtu.be/c1NuuilOv0Ahttps://youtu.be/mB63RML-rVYhttps://youtu.be/s5lFqIhQPnA

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